The Battle of the Platforms: Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

Big Commerce

Selecting the right Ecommerce platform is integral to the success of your business. The best way to go about selecting among the top enterprise Ecommerce platforms is to conduct an Enterprise Ecommerce comparison. Search and decide which of the enterprise Ecommerce software should be included in the consideration set. Filter it down to two best options. Select features that are most important to you. Then, carry out an Enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison to see which one of them fares better in the showdown.

If you were to ask us which of the two enterprise platform we think are the best, we would filter it down to Big Commerce and Shopify Plus. You can pit the two against each other in various aspects.

Here is a Big Commerce Vs. Shopify Plus comparison.

Speed and performance

The loading speed of the platform and its overall performance are very important indicators of the quality of the platform. The question is, in Big commerce vs. Shopify, which is better in terms of speed and performance?

Well, the storefront response time of Shopify Plus is 65ms. Compared to this, Big Commerce has a response time of 270ms. This means that Shopify Plus outperforms Big Commerce in this aspect. You might think that since we are dealing in milliseconds, this difference won’t cause much damage to your brand. However, customers of today are very impatient. Every second makes the difference.

SKU capacity

When you compare Shopify Plus vs. Big Commerce enterprise in terms of a number of supporting SKUS, you will realize that Big Commerce significantly limits the number of SKU your products can have. You can only add up to 16000 SKUs. While this may seem a lot for small businesses, for the enterprise, this may soon become a bottleneck. On the other hand, Shopify Plus does not have an SKU limit, making it more feasible for enterprise businesses.


Integration is the future. People want various platforms to be integrated into one another so that they can purchase items without being constantly redirected. Both Big Commerce and Shopify have taken steps to increase integration. While Big Commerce has integrated its platform with Amazon, Shopify has gone ahead and allowed direct selling from Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz.


In the three aspects discussed, it is clear that Shopify Plus is the best choice for enterprise businesses. Conduct a comparison on your own and decide what your stance is.


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