The Battle of the Platforms: Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

Shopify and BigCommerce both are two of the best e-commerce website builders and there is no fuss about it. But narrowing down your option to one is a very tricky job. Both of the website builders have incredible features and but may also lack in certain aspect, so what to choose?

Every business has its own needs and so one must be able to decide what his business requires and what platform will fulfill those requirements.

Below are some of the most important aspects of Shopify and BigCommerce discussed to help you with your thought process and make you choose the right online store builder for your ecommerce business, so let’s read ahead, Shall we?



Shopify has impressive and updated themes. Shopify focuses on design and hires independent designers to create those themes and most of them are free. But using premium theme is quite costly and range from $100-$180.


BigCommerce also offers decent looking themes. But it doesn’t allow potential users to view their offered themes and this part is quite frustrating. You will have to register to their 15 day trial period to get access of those themes and they too are quite outdated.

So Shopify wins in this regard.

E-commerce Tools


Although Shopify provides with the basic tools for your store but advanced tools such as product reviews, product recommendations and customer wish list are only available at their app store where you have to pay for them. These advanced tools are quite important to help you manage your store and grow it but they are not included in the basic package of Shopify.


BigCommerce offers you most comprehensive set of tools as compared to other e-commerce builders, and also offers advanced tools that are out of the box which is included in their basic package.

Thus, BigCommerce wins in this regard.



Has the best support teams in the industry and are available 24/7 at your service via phone, live chat or email.


BigCommerce does not fall behind here and have the same support available 24/7.

So, it’s a tie.



Shopify’s basic plan costs around $29 per month and moves up to $79. Its advanced plans go up to $299.


Its standard plan is around $29.95 per month and moves up to $79.95 the plus point is its advanced plan is quite low in cost than Shopify, around $249.95 per month.


As discussed above and the comparison done, one must be able to choose the right website builder they need for their business.


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