Key Differences between Shopify Plus and Big Commerce

Shopify Plus and Big Commerce

When you think of top enterprise Ecommerce platforms, there are two names that are bound to come in your mind. And those are Big Commerce and Shopify Plus. The two are often pitted against one another. After all, you can only have one Ecommerce platform.

Usually, businesses resort to conducting an Enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison to decide which enterprise Ecommerce software to select. You might be tempted to compare Big Commerce vs. Shopify Plus. Before you do this Enterprise Ecommerce comparison, know that the two platforms are quite different from one another. Understanding these differences might help you decide which factors to choose when evaluating Big Commerce vs. Shopify.

Here are the two key differences between the platforms.


One of the biggest thingsShopify plus vs. big commerce enterprise  differs at is the type of themes delivered. Why do we care about designs and themes? Well, this is because they matter a lot when branding your online store. People care about aesthetics a lot. Hence, your online store must look impressive.

Shopify plus is home to a wide variety of themes. You will find both free and premium options to choose from. The best thing about Shopify is that it has gotten independent designers on board. You can see the creativity they bring to the table in the themes offered by the platform.

When it comes to Big Commerce, you will find impressive themes there as well. However, the only difference is you will only get them at a cost. Big Commerce doesn’t let anyone view its themes for free. Now, for enterprise who don’t mind making the investment, this might not be a huge deal. But, for those who like having free options to choose from, this can make all the difference.

Ecommerce tools

An online store is more than a platform where you exhibit your product. It must have a set of Ecommerce tools to make sure the shopping experience is as smooth as possible. Shopify offers all of its basic tools as well as advanced tools if you opt for the premium package.

BigCommerce, on the other hand, has decided to deliver a wide array of advanced tools. They are some of the unique tools you could find on an enterprise platform. The best part is that you don’t need to pay extra for them. Instead, they are included in the monthly fee.


What your stance is on these two differences will govern which platform is better for you. Decide and choose.


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